Gaming Galore: Can Video Games Be Good For You?

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Video gaming often gets a bad rap- and has been blamed for everything from violence to obesity. But as with anything, balance is key. When it’s not used to excess, or in place of other activities (such as exercise or education) it can be a fantastic hobby which provides all kinds of benefits to its users. Here are just a few reasons why gaming is awesome.

It prevents boredom

First and foremost, gaming reduces boredom. It might not be the most productive hobby, but sometimes when you’re bored or stressed out and need to take your mind off something then getting lost in a game is exactly what you need. Having productive hobbies like sports or crafts are great as you’re learning new skills and bettering your knowledge of a subject, but it’s not to say you need to be working towards a set goal with every hobby you have. Gaming is accessible, after a long day you can come home and play on a game without needing to go anywhere or pack up any special equipment. And at times, that’s all you want. To come home, relax and do something to curb your boredom without any extra hassle.

It’s social

Gaming is viewed by some as an anti-social hobby, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Gaming enables you to speak to and meet people from all over the world, as well as connect with your own friends in a different way. Going out and socialising in person is great and nothing can take away from that, but when you’re all gaming together online it can be a lot of fun and a unique way to get to know your friends more. We all lead busy lives and being able to meet in person isn’t always a possibility. If you’ve got the kind of friendship where you wouldn’t necessarily phone up for a chat (which lets face it, is most male friendships!) this enables you to stay in touch while doing something you both enjoy.

You can learn about different cultures

Anime and manga are two examples of this. They’re styles of Japanese art which are a huge part of their culture, while the worlds are often fantastical and fictional, there’s plenty that can be learned about actual Japanese culture. They might be in cartoon styles, but lots of anime and manga is aimed at adults as much as children. Anime Whiz has a rundown of some of the most popular games in this style.

It can improve memory and hand/ eye coordination

Video games are often considered as a bit of a ‘brain rot’ hobby, however, the opposite is actually true. Research links game playing to better memory, hand eye coordination and other cognitive skills. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t do exercise or read books and enjoy other activities, as of course these will all build your skills in different ways. But it’s not right to assume that gaming is bad for you either, as there are proven benefits.

3 thoughts on “Gaming Galore: Can Video Games Be Good For You?

  1. Very true! Without gaming I wouldn’t meet my good friends that live all over the world. I’ve actually met two of them last year after being online friends for 3 years. Initially we were worried that we wouldn’t have anything to talk about but turns out we get along great it was as if we’ve known in each other in real life all this time. Well we did, but the distance has some limitations. Meeting them again this year, so can’t wait!

    I also think that video games improve your imagination and creativity. How many lives did you live via video games and made certain decision? Loads!

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