If You Haven’t Optimized Your PC Yet, Why Not?

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Putting aside those tired arguments of Console vs. PC for just a moment, let’s instead discuss whether you are getting the most out of your PC. Modern PC designs and specifications mean that, for the most part, you can play any game you like as long as you’ve got a half-decent machine. But this is only half the story, and a decent computer isn’t always enough. So, for the serious PC gamers out there, we have one question to ask you: if you haven’t optimized your PC yet, why not?

Maintain Your Machine

The best way to ensure your PC stay optimized without fiddling around with software of replacing parts is to take care of it. This means keep the dust away, don’t clog the hard drive with far too many GIFs you’ll use once and never again, and make sure you carry out regular updates to ensure you’re running the latest software and can get the most from the next game you download, despite the 100 sitting ignored in your library. 

Know Your Machine’s Limits

Just like a person cannot run a marathon without first training and being prepared for what will happen, you can run the most graphically demanding PC games on any old computer, and knowing your machine’s limits will help you get the very most from your PC. for experienced gamers, this is where the fun starts, and you can analyze your machine and upgrade parts as and when you need them. More casual PC gamers may not have too many concerns about fixing what’s not broken, but they’ll typically stick to less demanding games, anyway. 

Optimize For PC Gaming

If you’re still having trouble after updating parts of your machine and keeping it well maintained, a simple solution is to optimize your PC specifically for gaming. On Windows 10, this is simple, as the operating system boasts plenty of features designed for gamers to ensure a seamless experience. The most blatant of these is Game Mode, which with the flick of the switch, will help your PC perform better while gaming and deliver an all-around better experience for you and any teammates who are tired of you lagging behind. 

Build Your Own

For true PC optimization, though, you can’t do much better than building a gaming PC. You know the games you play, and you know what parts of the games you care most about, whether it’s smooth movement or true-to-life graphics, and by building your PC, you can focus on these key areas. Often, building a PC yourself is cheaper than forking out the last of your monthly wage on a more comprehensive machine, but you might find these dedicated gaming PCs come with too many additional features you don’t need. 

The Best Gaming Experience

Optimizing your PC has never been easier and is something that everyone, from PC gaming newbies to experienced overclockers can do with simplicity confidence. With enough online resources available to answer any questions you might have, it’s time to optimize your PC today and reap the benefits next time you fire up your favorite game. 

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