If You’re A Parent, Here’s Why Gaming Can Be Cool For You And For Them!

Kids love games. So do adults. They can be fun for all of us. From games related to sports, to games that have specific missions that the user must achieve, online games cover a wide range of interests, while allowing users to collaborate with each other. Online games and applications provide a fun and social form of entertainment, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. There are many ways to play online, some of these are free online games, games or applications on mobile and portable consoles, as well as games that you buy for PC and other consoles, such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii or Xbox. Internet safety tips are immediately applicable in the gaming environment due to the risks involved, and it is important for children to be aware of these risks so they can acquire the skills and knowledge to limit them. Read the following detailed instructions for safety in the online gaming arena:

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  • It may seem scary, but one of the best things you can do as a parent is play online games with your child. Once they explain the toy they like, you will begin to understand why it is so appealing to the child.
  • Talk to your child about the kind of toys he or she plays and likes. Is it a role play, a sport, a strategy or a battle? Tell them to explain what they like about this game. If you are concerned about the appropriateness of the game, read the PEGI Rating System, which provides age ratings for various types of games. Also, PEGI icons explain the content of the games.
  • Some games may give you the option to chat with other players by voice or text. Ask the child who he is playing with and find out if they are talking to other users. If chatting is available, look at the kind of language used by other users and remind the child that he/she should never share personal information with people he / she only knows online. If your child has problems with other players, make sure he knows how to block and report them.
  • If you are worried about your child engaging in online gaming, look for parental control options available. Depending on the console, these options allow you to turn off chatting with other users or set a time limit on the game.
  • It is always a good idea to talk to your child about the limits of using the internet. We suggest that you download some kind of family agreement, which sets out how much time is allowed per day in front of the screen, as well as ensuring that your child will tell you what concerns them while using the internet.

Virtual reality games

Games like Google Cardboard or Occulus Rift add another dimension to online gaming, as they allow the user to immerse themselves in an experience that looks real, stimulating their hearing or sight. Usually, the player will have to wear a headset to experience the virtual reality games.

Augmented reality games

This type of game is becoming more and more popular, with games like Pokemon Go taking users home from the streets while playing. Augmented reality games work with electronic upgrades to existing reality, allowing players to interact with it. Players will “see” things, which they realize are not true, but help them continue the game.

Games for parents 

There are so many games to play and some of them even include monetary winnings. You can find out more at vulcanpost.com

Why do parents worry about video games and is it valid?

Many of you have children approaching adolescence (this now happens from 8-9 onwards) or have already entered adolescence. In this case, you know that teens spend a lot of time on their video game consoles – unfortunately not without side effects. However these side effects can certainly be limited with a little control. Here are some of the issues that could arise if you don’t monitor their play habits: 

  1. Excessive exposure to violent electronic games increases the risk of aggression in children. It also increases the chances of its gradual desensitization in the face of violent images. This desensitization can lead either to a lack of reaction in front of violent scenes in the real world or, at worst, to a violent act with less hesitation. In fact, the risk of this happening increases if the child is already introverted or growing up in a violent environment. 
  2. The child’s constant involvement with a video game can lead to introversion and social isolation.
  3. Video games, like television, are the second leading cause of obesity after junk food. 
  4. There is also the case of addiction to the use of electronic games. This addiction is likely to lead to sleep disorders, poor school performance, aggression, anxiety, depression, neglect of personal hygiene and exercise, reduced social interactions, limited communication with parents / friends, etc. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The addiction to electronic games is now part of the mental disorders, so it is the so-called Internet Gaming Disorder.
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  1. However, like everything else, video games have their pros and cons. More specifically, there are several benefits to engaging children in video games.
  2. Video games are fun and develop their creativity and imagination. 
  3. Help children become familiar with technology. 
  4. They increase their self-confidence, as they give them the ability to control. 
  5. They can be useful educational tools, since the child through some games can consolidate school knowledge and enrich their general knowledge. 
  6. Contribute to the development and improvement of some cognitive skills such as attention, observation, memorization, visual-motor coordination, dexterity and problem-solving ability.
  7. They can be a means of socialization, as the child invites their friends to play with them, discusses their performance with them and exchanges information about the game.

So overall, gaming comes with huge benefits for both kids and the parents and the more you learn about it, the more exciting the journey becomes. So explore together, find some good games to start off with and look at multiple reviews to ensure that it is right for you and your family. 

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