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Mobile gaming is almost becoming more popular than console gaming these days and that’s saying a lot. Now that we all have our phones in our pockets and the world at our fingertips, it is the ideal chance for game developers to provide us with an experience which we can take with us on the bus or the tube (at least until a SteamBoy of sorts becomes mainstream and we can take our Steam library with us everywhere).

Mobile games in the last few years have become better and better and there are some amazing ones we want to share with you today. If you enjoy a eurocasino casino or a racing game, we have some great choices for you to try this year.

Fortnite Battle Royale

We’ve all heard of Fortnite. It seems to have taken over the world in the last few years and it is true that the game offers a battle royale which is accessible to anyone anywhere. When playing a game like this on your mobile you will be able to join in with the online fun even when you are out and about and this is something which can elevate your gaming experience.

Fire Emblem Heroes

This game is one which offers a mix of different experiences for its users. If you want to play a game which uses tactics and also offers and RPG style of play this is the game for you. You’ll be able to play campaigns with fun and exciting characters and you’ll always be able to enjoy a slew of regular events which come to the game to offer you special items and chances. 

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is a game you may have already heard about and it is certainly one which you should opt to try this year. The game has a wonderful aesthetic and it is a game which focuses around friendship. It is a unique game which you should absolutely give a try if you are into adventure titles.

Pokemon Go 

Whether you grew up playing Pokemon or not, no one can walk past a pikachu without immediately knowing what it is. Pokemon Go brings the concept of Pokemon to a whole new level by allowing people to catch Pokémon in the real world. If you are looking for a good chance to get fit and also enjoy gaming at the same time, playing this out in your local parks and cities can be a great way to get some well needed exercise and also play a fun and family friendly game which will take over your life. They have regular events and special features for trainers to enjoy and this can be a good game to play with your kids out and about.

The Simpsons Tapped Out

If you love this yellow haired family and you grew up watching the show then this mobile game is ideal for you. Tapped out offers a unique experience for world building game because you will be able to build the city of Springfield from the ground up and get access to all of your favourite characters. Sending them on missions to make money and build supplies will allow you to build your Springfield and make it into an amazing place. You’ll be able to play mini games such as find Maggie, and you’ll also be able to enjoy yearly events which run and will give you access to characters and buildings. 

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a great game which has a unique design and is a puzzle game you’ll soon be hooked on. This game has a stunning interface and uses geometric shapes to make your solve puzzles and move onto the next levels. You’ll be hooked on this game in minutes and it is a game you can easily get lost in as you forget about your morning commute and the stress which surrounds it.

80 Days

80 Days is a fiction game which allows you to choose the adventure you go on. It is of course based on the acclaimed novel by Jules Verne, and allow you to play the game from the perspective of Phileas Fogg’s servant. Throughout the game your aim is to travel from London to London within 80 days and you will be able to journey around the world in a bunch of beautifully designed levels. During the game you will be in control of the journey and this means you need to consider money, baggage space and the best route to meet your goal. It is a tactical and fun game which will definitely make you think on your feet.

Mr Bullet 

If you enjoy puzzle games and want to try to shoot some bad guys without hitting the good guys, this game is one which you will be addicted to within minutes. Mr Bullet is a fun puzzle game which puts you into different scenarios with the sole purpose of shooting the bad guys and the bad guys alone. 

Zoo2: Animal Park 

If you always enjoyed playing tycoon games as a kid, this zoo game is a great free choice and it will allow you to build a zoo from scratch and decorate it to your own tastes. Zoo2 has some amazing animals in its walls and it will often offer some special events and prizes for you to enjoy. Fill your zoo and build revenue to make a thriving business with adorable animals. 

Real Racing 

Real Racing is a stunning game. Most of us remember games such as gran turismo and the beautiful graphics it had, so now take this idea and bring it to your mobile phone. Real Racing offers stunning graphics with photo realism and this is something which can amaze and excite. You can play on your own, with friends, and with people from all over the world and work your way through the tournaments to earn enough money to buy your dream car.

Take some time this weekend to look through the App Store and you’ll likely be surprised at the quality of the games which you can play! 

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