Social Gaming On PC: Is It Here To Stay?

The social gaming phenomenon is one of the most intriguing developments in PC gaming today. Instead of being just solo pursuits people indulge in by themselves, video games are becoming something that we want to do more and more with others. 

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One of the first ultra-successful social games was World of Warcraft. Players didn’t really see it at the time because it was so subtle. But one of the reasons they continued logging on was because the game gave them friends. 

Other developers studied the WoW formula and tried to implement it themselves to encourage players to stick with them for the long haul. And they found it worked. There are all sorts of success stories here, from Age of Conan to Rift.

But it’s not just massively multiple online role playing games that are seeing the benefits of going social. It’s benefiting games across the board. 

In this post, we take a look at why this is happening and ask whether it means social gaming on PC is here to stay.

Many Games Now Integrate With Social Media

Today, it is easier than ever before to make a social media app. That’s because there are so many tools out there that people can use. 

This reality is now feeding into the gaming industry. Developers are realising that they can create games on desktop apps and in browsers that allow gamers to connect to each other in real-time via social media. 

It’s Facilitating E-Sports

Here’s another reason why social gaming on PC is here to stay: esports. 

The esports phenomenon is quite remarkable. It began as a relatively small thing on Twitch a few years ago. But today, it’s become a massive entertainment platform. Millions of avid gamers keenly log in to watch the best gamers in the world duke it out against each other, vying for supremacy. 

It’s Making Bingo More Fun

Social gaming is also making its way into the world of bingo. Instead of just sitting in front of an app that randomly displays numbers on a screen, digital bingo service providers are finding ways to include the social element in their games. And that’s helping to make their businesses more sustainable. Now that players can chat to their friends, more and more of them want to join in. 

It’s Making Gaming More Casual

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PC gaming was once an elite sport. In the past, only a select few could afford to buy expensive gaming rigs with enough horsepower to play the latest titles. But thanks to tremendous improvements in computer horsepower, that’s all changing. And it means that the visual aspects of gaming are becoming less important, while the social aspects are becoming more critical. 

The fact that gaming is becoming more casual is also driving it to become more social. As the market expands, new gamers are looking for experiences that provide them with interactions with other people. They don’t just want to fight against the computer all the time. They’re looking for something deeper and more meaningful. 

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