The 5 Best Blizzard Games You Should Try at Least Once

Blizzard Entertainment is a legendary video game developer and publisher that over the years became one of the defining and most influential factors that formed the contemporary video game industry. The publisher-developer gave rise to many recognizable game franchises and continues to do so.

If you’re amongst the few who haven’t yet tried one of the following titles, here’s a heads-up introduction to the most notable games that came from Blizzard. Keep in mind that Blizzard can provide you with additional services and products such as the Blizzard gift cards which you can also acquire on various internet video game marketplaces, like Eneba.  

World of Warcraft

Even though Blizzard’s Warcraft title is widely known for its real-time strategy classic Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos that came out in 2002, we’ve decided to introduce this franchise with a genre-defining MMORPG from 2004 – World of Warcraft. The game became a cultural phenomenon that was even featured in various TV shows such as South Park. Even though this MMORPG counts 15 plus years by this point, it’s still regularly updated.

The game requires a monthly subscription but with a Blizzard gift card, you and your friends can join one of the largest player communities in the world easier. Enjoy thousands of hours of content, experiment with detailed character customization, try various ways of play – from intense PvP to well-written quests: explore a rich fantasy world with an epic lore that even expands throughout other media like comic books, board games, and trading cards.

Diablo III

Another great fantasy title coming from Blizzard Entertainment is the third installment of the Diablo series, a critically acclaimed point and click, hack and slash action RPG with isometric perspective – Diablo III. The long-awaited game came out in 2012 and gave you the choice to play as one of the 5 class-based demon-hunter characters. Getting a Blizzard gift card is one of the ways you can mow through the unending hordes of enemies with your friends alongside you. Diablo III, just like the previous installments, is known for its addictive gameplay.

The game was developed to be an easy way into the series for the newcomers. The gameplay itself is full of action as you fight the forces of evil in randomized dungeons, however, Diablo III at its heart is an RPG, therefore, it includes elements like crafting, loot, micromanagement of skill, gear and power combinations but all of it is made in a way that’s easy to use. The game also features various DLC expansions that are always easier to get for yourself or your friends by relying on a Blizzard gift card.


Currently, Overwatch is one of the most popular online-only first-person shooters in the world. The game features a large variety of customizable class-based characters known as heroes (some of which are pure fan-service waifus). The game has a heavy focus on multiplayer aspect but as far as the story goes, you’ll get a chance to control elite members of an international task force that was formed during a global incident known as the Omnic Crisis.

The game features beautiful animation-style graphics, familiar to Valve’s Team Fortress 2 but in some aspects leaning more towards anime-like aesthetic. Players fight in a variety of maps as they are divided into 6 member squads. Don’t forget, that a Blizzard gift card will always come in handy when catching up with awesome Overwatch updates such as cool hero skins!

StarCraft: Remastered

The original StarCraft released in 1998 is a famous real-time strategy classic that carried its genre and was the best-selling game the year it came out, winning various awards in the long run. This space opera series focuses on the conflict between three space-faring races. First, there are the humans who are called “Terrans” in this fictional universe, then we have Protoss – an advanced ancient alien race with psychic powers.

Finally, the Zerg, who are aggressive alien life forms inspired by arachnids from Starship Troopers and xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. With a Blizzard gift card, you or your friends can enjoy not only the 2010 sequel StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty but also an epic remake of the original that has full 4K resolution and widescreen support, improved lighting, dynamic shadows, reworked audio, faithfully remastered maps, units, and character models.

Heroes of the Storm

It’s not an accident that Heroes of the Storm is the last game on the list of titles developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment as this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is in a sense an amalgamation of all the previous games discussed before. Why? Because the 77 hero characters you can play as in this MOBA come from various Blizzard franchises that most definitely include the ones mentioned previously.

Getting a Blizzard gift card for your friends is a good idea if you want to get involved, as having allies while playing this 5 vs. 5 competitive game heavily relies on teamwork. Its great alternative to other MOBAs on the market like League of Legends or Dota 2 as Heroes of the Storm features larger map variety. Overall, it’s more action-oriented with less farming and features a set of iconic characters from other Blizzard games.

Best gaming experiences come from playing together!

Blizzard Entertainment games often have rich lore that expands throughout different media and that can be enjoyed playing solo but it’s not hard to see that most of these titles mostly focus on the multiplayer element. That’s why a Blizzard gift card can be a great investment if you are playing with your buddies and you want to get an easier monthly subscription for World of Warcraft or enjoy the newest content released on Overwatch. The gift card is a great way to boost your account or do the same to one of your friends in order to have the best, nostalgia-inducing gaming moments that these games were always meant to provide!

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