The Future Of Gaming May Not Be What You Think

Have you ever wondered what the future of gaming might look like? That’s what we’re going to explore in this post and it might be a little different from what you have previously anticipated. There are some things that aren’t on the cards that people might have previously expected while other possibilities are out of the left field. So, let’s jump into the possible future scenarios for gaming. 

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Nothing Is Ever Truly Over

Are you worried that you have seen the last of your favorite gaming IP? Well, we wouldn’t give too much thought to this because based on marketing trends, it looks like no popular IP is ever going to be truly dead. Remakes, reboots, and redos will keep them alive and well for years to come. It’s amazing to think about how many old IPs have come back from the dead and there’s a simple reason for this. Nostalgia sells, so while Naughty Dog might claim that Uncharted has reached an end, we’d bet there will be a new title in the next five years. 

Longer Breaks Between Big IPs

You might think that with new technology and advanced options it’s going to be easier than ever to create games and get them on the market in record time. However, it seems like this is not the case. If you explore the biggest IPs it looks like it’s taking a lot more time to get them on the market. This has certainly been the case for The Last Of Us, Kingdom Hearts, and Grand Theft Auto over the last few years. Indeed, the next GTA game may not be out for several more years and this could be because games like this are now far more complex and expansive. The graphics and capabilities are insane so they will always take more time to develop. 

A Firm Future For Mobile 

Likely, mobile gaming is only going to become more important in the future of this industry. Playphone reviews and similar opinions of mobile games have never been more positive and research suggests that a lot more people were playing mobile games during the pandemic. So, it makes sense that this could be the future of gaming. It’s also true to say that mobile gaming is constantly evolving. It’s possible that soon there won’t really be a need for expensive consoles. You’ll be able to play anything on the same device you call your mother on. 

VR No More?

Finally, we wouldn’t suggest that VR is completely gone from the gaming industry because this simply isn’t true. There are still headsets on the market that you can buy and developers are working on VR games. However, we’re not convinced anymore that VR is the future of gaming. Instead, it could remain a quiet niche that some people enjoy while others happily ignore it completely. While we were promised full games, what has arrived is nothing short of tech demos and add-ons to other more impressive games. This has left VR feeling more like a gimmick than anything else. 

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