VR – More Than Just a Dream

Most people who think of VR think of gaming-related topics. Many people will think about watching Felix aka PewDiePie with the Oculus rift on his face screaming due to a horror film. Then the tech started to trickle down to the cheap and cheerful Google Cardboard VR – which was where many people had their first experiences of VR

AR made it big when Pokemon Go took it to a whole new level. Anything before is a dusty memory now. And Niantic should be commended for combining the AR tech with the need to still get out into the big wide world. 

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VR is the most immersive gaming experience that players can have now. Where once it simply involved some tunnel vision and a great headset, it is much deeper now. A VR headset will have you spinning circles in your own kitchen trying to get away from Zombies, or duck because of sharks. 

VR and good AR is no longer a dream. 

The technology is here, and it can be used for much more than just gaming. Although there is a lot to be said for playing virtual pinball games!


Perhaps you have heard of Child’s Play – a charity that raises funds to provide gaming consoles and more for children who are in hospitals. Through a lot of research over the years they have found that if a patient can use something like a console or a VR headset to focus on their mind is, for a short time, taken off of the pain they might currently be in. The hopes are that things like this will reduce the need to so many painkillers and other chemicals. 

It is also in testing for stroke victimes and helping surgeons prepared for procedures. 

Real Estate

You can now walk around for hours before you buy it – from the comfort of your living. We are moving on from the days where you would get to see a few photos and then arrange a viewing hoping for the best. Now you can take a stroll around, and really take your time too. There are a few property consultants that are working with reality companies and photographers to create a viewing like no other. 

Big Bears

While in some circles, VR is being used to navigate complicated surgery, in others, it is being used to navigate dangerous situations. A US company is currently using VR technology to help people prepare for a bear attack. Which might sound a bit extreme, but that is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to training opportunities. It has long been used by pilots for training purposes too. 

Millions of children used to dream about being in the games they love to play, and most of those children are now grown up – only to find that VR is more than just a dream, it is something that we can now have in our living rooms – and that is pretty cool. 

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