Want To Game For 36 Hours Straight? Here’s What You Need To Do

We all know that if you want to classify yourself as a hardcore gamer, you’ve got to do at least one 36-hour stint in your gaming career. Back in the day, many of us achieved this remarkable feat on World of Warcraft. But if you’ve missed that boat, how do you do an epic game marathon, without trashing your health at the same time?

Stay Hydrated

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Let’s start with the main issue first: dehydration. Lack of water is the primary reason that some gamers don’t make it to the end of their sessions. Their kidneys give up, and that’s the end of that. 

Some sort of hydrating beverage, therefore, wouldn’t go amiss. You want something that will keep your electrolyte levels high as you ram the buttons on your keyboard and mouse. It might be sacrilegious to say, but alcohol is probably a bad idea if you want to make it through to the end. You’re better off relying on caffeine in some capacity, either in the form of coffee or an energy drink. 

Just remember, though, that caffeine is a diuretic, so you’ll be going to the toilet more often, interrupting your session. Water won’t give you the same energy boost, but it can reduce downtime – which is crucial if you’re going for a world-first. 

Make Sure Your Setup Won’t Injure You

Okay, next, you need to think about your setup and figure out ways to stop it from injuring you. 

If your gaming chair is, in fact, a garden chair, then you will absolutely need to replace it with a more physiologically-friendly model. Ideally, it would help if you had something that will take the weight off your lumbar spine – the most common injury for gamers. 

If possible, try to use ergonomic mice too. Wrist strain is a common issue when you’re clicking for hour after hour. Get a mouse that fits your hand. Prioritize fit over function. 

Finally, sort your desk out. Make sure it’s the right height, particularly if you’re a PC gamer. You don’t want to wind up with a repetitive strain injury after your first 36 hours on Cyberpunk 2077

Get Pumped

If you’re the sort of person who easily gets pumped by upcoming releases, then you’re in luck. Just the excitement alone is probably enough to power you through 36 hours of solid gameplay. If, however, you’re the kind of person who needs time to get into a game, you might struggle. 

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There’s no formula for getting pumped for a game, but here are some ideas. First, become a fanboy. No matter how badly the developers appear to be mauling an upcoming title, you remain positive and wedded to the cause. 

Second, try spamming the forums on the launch website. Just talking about an upcoming release can make you want to play it more and dominate the competition. 

Finally, if there are any past titles, try replaying them. You’ll get back into the world and the lore, creating interest in the upcoming release. 

But if you know you definitely aren’t good at getting pumped for a release, try sticking to a multiplayer game for your 36-hour stint. This way, you have other people relying on you to keep going. If even that isn’t going to be enough, try an in-person multiplayer, like Dungeons and Dragons. This way, you really have to stick with it

Gaming for 36 hours straight is a rite of passage for any true PC gamer. 

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