Windscape Early Access Preview

General game information

Game name: Windscape

Release date: Out now on Early Access

Price: US$16.99

Available on: Steam Humble Store

Genre: First person action RPG

Developer: Magic Sandbox

Publisher: Headup Games

Gameplay video:

Windscape is an open world action RPG with a heavy focus on exploration and crafting. Gamers who have been deceived by other Early Access titles offering the same features may think that this is yet another crafting survival game, but luckily for us, Windscape is anything but that. Instead, this is something far closer to a first person perspective Zelda game.

We play as Ida, a young girl who starts the game working as an errand girl for his father, and will gradually gain more weapons and powers to go on a world saving quest. Windscape‘s universe is quite different from our own, as the world is made up of floating islands in the sky. Something sinister is threatening the islands’ stability, and our heroine will have to go on an adventure to find out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

islandsRight now, the game features one island, an idyllic pastoral place full of green fields, a small town and a mine that also acts as Windscape‘s first dungeon. The game’s main developer, Dennis Witte, plans to add more islands and content over the next months.

Windscape‘s basic gameplay is fun, though the combat is easily exploitable in its current incarnation, turning most encounters into a button mashing fest instead of the careful dance that the game’s blocking mechanics suggest. Most enemies can be stunlocked if the player is fast enough, something that will probably change as Mr. Witte gets feedback from Early Access customers. Luckily, the boss fight at the end of the first dungeon doesn’t suffer from those problems, and it actually feels like an encounter that could take place in a Zelda game.

bossAside from the combat, the game also features a robust crafting system, letting gamers build weapons and tools with resources gathered on the field. Players can also cook meals that offer different benefits, and the gathering system is simple and doesn’t feel like a chore.

gatheringThere are no experience bars or any kind of leveling up, but the items crafted or collected as the adventure goes on offer an immediate sense of progression.

Windscape truly shines when it comes to its audiovisual design. The game’s cel shaded graphics look beautiful, and the soundtrack fits the world perfectly. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful Early Access games released so far, and an incredible achievement for a one-man team.

Overall, Windscape‘s Early Access release left a good impression on me, and I’d recommend it to anybody looking for an experience similar to a Zelda game on PC.

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