Brigador: Solo Nobre must fall

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General game information

Game name: Brigador

Release date: 2 Jun, 2016

Price: $19.99 (normal edition) $29.99 (with audiobook and OST)

Available on: Steam, Humble Store

Genre: Isometric vehicular action game

Developer: Stellar Jockeys

Gameplay video:

Brigador is a strange beast. It’s easy on the eyes, and it features a truly remarkable soundtrack, which fits the game’s futuristic theme, yet at the same time it can be quite infuriating to play, until it finally clicks and the player feels at home in the cockpit of an all powerful (yet incredibly fragile) war machine.

Set in the futuristic city of Solo Nobre, the game tasks players with retaking it from a now deceased authority figure known as the Great Leader, one district at a time. In order to achieve this grand objective, a cast of mercenaries will pilot different vehicles and rain death and destruction upon the defenses and citizens of this dystopia.

Neon soaked streets will crumble under heavy mechanical feet, civilians will run away and die, casualties of a future war that has got a lot in common with Desert Strike and the Syndicate games of old.

Yet the game isn’t exactly a run and gun shooter. Headless confrontation with the overwhelming enemy forces will lead to a quick death, even though it may seem the obvious choice, due to the destructive power at the player’s fingertips. The streets and walls of Solo Nobre hide an incredible amount of weakly armoured units that will instantly alert any nearby guards, and will quickly make the unsuspecting player’s day increasingly worse.

This delicate balance of destructive power and relative weakness may drive players away from Brigador, but those stubborn enough to stay and learn the game’s tricks will be rewarded. Aside from the extensive campaign mode, Brigador also houses a sandbox mode which will let inquisitive minds build their own dream war machine and wage war in a grander scale.

I highly recommend Brigador for fans of the Strike and Syndicate series, and anyone willing to look past a few quirks will find a great deal of fun here.

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