BlazBlue Centralfiction Coming to Steam on April 26

Previously exclusive to PlayStation consoles and arcade systems, BlazBlue Centralfiction will be released on PC on April 26. The 2D fighting game/visual novel hybrid will be published on Steam by H2 Interactive, and it will come with the Original Soundtrack and Memorial Book as bonuses. We expect that the game will cost US$ 39.99.


Combined with 2D fighting game and visual novel, the BlazBlue series has been supported by many fighting game fans. The latest installent, BlazBlue: Centralfiction, serves as the ending to the Azure Saga and reveals the truth that has ever been in mystery.

First time in this series, 「Naoto = Kurogane」 「Hibiki = Kohaku」 「Nine = the = Phantom」 and 「Izanami」 appear as playable characters and three DLC characters from the console version –「Es」 from XBlaze series that shares the same worldview as Blazblue, 「Mai Natsume」 from the BlazeBlue spinoff manga, Remix Heart, and 「Yuki Terumi」, the true form of 「Susano’o」– newly join to bring total 35 playable characters.

Introduction of New Systems


  • Each character can strengthen his/her unique ability for a certain time.
  • When [Overdrive] is triggered, the Overdrive icon changes its shape and a purple gauge is displayed.
  • This gauge will decrease over time and when it disappears, [Overdrive] is terminated.
  • [Overdrive] lasts longer if the character’s health is low and the round timer stops during activation.
  • After using [Overdrive], the Overdrive icon shows a number counter. Overdrive can be used again when the number reaches 10.
  • The number increases over time or damage taken, but during [Active Flow], it increases much faster.

[Exceed Accel]

  • It is a very powerful attack that can be used during [Overdrive].
  • After it is used, [Overdrive] immediately ends.
  • When activated during [Active Flow], the damage and effects are boosted.

[Active Flow]

  • Fighting aggressively and landing attacks or using heat gauge etc. starts [Active Flow].
  • It enhances the fight power and shortens the [Overdrive] cool time etc. to make favorable fighting conditions.

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