Dark Souls 3’s Online Mode Has a Major Security Vulnerability Right Now

The Dark Souls PC community is in a bit of a shock right now, as a major security vulnerability that affects Dark Souls 3 (and potentially other titles in the series, perhaps even including the upcoming Elden Ring) has been discovered. Using this exploit, attackers can execute scripts on the user’s PC, for instance playing text-to-speech messages, as seen on this Twitch clip from The__Grim__Sleeper.

Reddit user u/Jonientz shared the news on the Dark Souls 3 subreddit, explaining that apparently very few people know of this exploit and can use it. Thankfully, the Blue Sentinel anti cheat tool has already been updated to protect people who use it from this remote code execution exploit, but it would be nice to see an official update that fixes the issue for everyone else, as there must be tens of thousands of players still enjoying From Software‘s action classic who are sadly unaware of the existence of this incredibly helpful modification.

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