Long-Running MOBA Heroes of Newerth Closing Down in 2022

Frostburn Studios revealed this week that Heroes of Newerth will shut down on June 20, 2022. The long-running MOBA has been in players’ hands for more than a decade, and it had received numerous patches during the past few months, so this news might come as a bit of a surprise to some.

The developers shared a letter and a F.A.Q. on Facebook, both of which we’ve reproduced below:

The Frostburn Studios team plans to give the game a last hurrah of sorts, and as such, they are planning on a number of ingame events designed to let players enjoy the time they have left with the game as much as they can, with a permanent increase in Silver Coin gains and Plinko Drop rates, as well as Farewell Events running from December 20th to February 19, 2022. The developers are also putting a number of items that were originally exclusive to the premium shop in the ingame currency market so that pretty much everyone can enjoy them.

Service schedule:

December 13, 2021- Gold Coins will no longer be purchasable at 9am Eastern Time (EST, GMT -5).

December 31, 2021- New accounts can no longer be created.

June 20, 2022- Close down Heroes of Newerth’s services, and gradually close down other official communication platforms for Heroes of Newerth over time.

HoN Service – Q&A

Q: I can play HoN until when?

A: You can play HoN up until June 20th, 2022

Q: How long will the Farewell Event last? And who can participate in the event?

A: Farewell Event will last for 2 months, from December 20th, 2021 to February 19, 2022. Anyone can participate in this event

Q: If I am a new player, how can I participate in Farewell Event?

A: You have to create an account on the official HoN website before December 30th, 2021.

Q: Will items purchased during Farewell Event vanish after the event ends?

A: No, it will not vanish. You will be able to use those items until the End of Service day.

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