ULTRAKILL Act 2 Gets August 16 Release Date, Gloomwood Slips to September 6

Today we have good and bad news for New Blood Interactive fans. Of course, the bad news must come first, so I must regretfully inform my readers that the Early Access launch for the highly anticipated immersive sim Gloomwood has been delayed to September 6th. That’s a pretty short delay, and I’d suggest giving Gloomwood‘s pre-alpha demo another go if you feel the itch to play a good immersive sim.

As you can see Gloomwood has come a long way since the pre-alpha demo.

Now for the good news! ULTRAKILL‘s second Act is almost ready for release, and will launch on August 16th, so any Gloomwood fans who also happen to enjoy some good old ultraviolence will be happy to learn that they can actually fill in the void that spawned from Gloomwood‘s delay with ULTRAKILL Act 2. I know what I’ll be doing on August 16th now, and hopefully I’m not the only one, because Hakita’s masterful first person style shooter deserves more players. If you need more incentive to buy the game, remember that its price will increase once the second Act is out, so now is a pretty good time to get it.

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