Windscape Gets Huge Content Update

Magic Sandbox‘s Windscape has just received its first big content update, featuring three more areas to explore and new and terrifying enemies to fight or avoid.

In Windscape‘s first Early Access phase, gamers were able to explore Evergreen Island, and the small town of Sky Harbour. If that wasn’t enough, they also explored a dark and mysterious dungeon and got their taste of combat in a huge boss battle and many small encounters with spiders and bandits.

Now, the journey gets even grander with this content update, as the protagonist, Ida, will explore a dark forest, a spooky graveyard and a terrifying crypt. Ghosts, new types of bandits and more evil enemies will try to give her a hard time in her travels.

Speaking of enemies, the Halloween update will bring three demoniacal new boss enemies. To help stand up to those powerful new foes, players will now be able to learn magical spells for the first time. Last but not least, the update includes new puzzles as well as tricky platforming sections.

To celebrate the new content, Windscape is on sale until November 1, and gamers interested in purchasing the promising Zelda-like will have to pay US$ 11.89.

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