How to Get Into the Xenonauts Games

Following our Jagged Alliance 3 review, it’s time to look at another game–Xenonauts 2–that follows a similar set-up (turn-based) but rather than battling oppressive political figures, gamers are tasked with defending an alternate-history Earth from an alien invasion. If you’re familiar with the original iteration, you are probably happy to fire it up and take it away, but if you’re new to the series, here are some tips to get into the Xenonauts games. 

Find Online Communities

While more seasoned gamers will remember pouring through gaming magazines each month to find advice, tricks, and hints, the modern gamer has all the potential in the world at their fingertips. Communities like the Xenonauts Reddit hub are perfect for new fans to learn all about the game from more seasoned experts, including those much more talented gamers than themselves. However, there’s also the risk of coming across spoilers, so be careful where you click. 

Start Easy 

Throwing yourself into the deep end can be overwhelming for first-time games, especially if you’re new to turn-based strategy games that are different from your typical RPG. Xenonauts 2 may feel too much if you’ve never played the series before, so starting on Easy or Normal modes can help you get to grips with the game’s mechanics and setup. As you hone your skills and learn more, feel free to crank it up to Insane difficulty to see what you can do. 

Keep Workers On Task, Review Your Troops

It might feel like you have a lot to do when you start your Xenonauts journey, and in a way, you do. However, keeping on top of some of the more essential tasks makes it easier to balance your approach and ensure you can handle the invasion on Earth’s doorstep. You have teams of scientists already carrying out research (which takes some pressure off) to put you in the best position. You can also check out your troops who need excellent accuracy, bravery, and reflexes. 

Don’t Give Up! 

You might still encounter some problems on lower difficulties as you learn how the game works. If you continuously fail to fight off the invasion, it’s tempting to throw the game away and never look at it again. But doing so means you miss out on one of the most engaging and rewarding titles of the year. If you want to make things a little easier, these Xenonauts 2 cheats can enhance your experience. And since it’s a single-player game, you aren’t hurting anyone. 

Rain Fire On Them UFOs (For Profit)

You’ll commonly be alerted to Alien Terror Missions which are your best way to earn sweet, sweet cash to improve your army. You must respond to these before the city falls and an atomic bomb decimates the area. No one wants an atomic bomb dropped on them, so it’s no surprise it will ruin your relationship with the country. With that in mind, respond to all missions as quickly as possible. 

Your New Favorite Game 

If you’re passionate about XCOM-style games or are searching for something different, the Xenonaut games are perfect. With a new title fresh on the market, you won’t have missed much of the hype and discussion, but remember these tips to ensure you get the most out of it. 

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