Peaceful Puzzles For Relaxation

Sure, there are hundreds of hack, slash, kill, and run games on the market. But sometimes, what you really want is to kick back and relax and solve some peaceful puzzles. 

Gaming in almost all forms does offer some escapism, and that in itself is relaxing, but sometimes, the gathering of items and grinding for new gear is too much. So here are some peaceful puzzle games for the ultimate in relaxation.


If seeing the smash-hot movie Tetris has sparked your interest in one of the most popular games of all time – you’re not alone. And, sure, there are some mistakes you’ll make in a Tetris level that will ruin it for you – but on the whole, Tetris is one of the most relaxing games around. 

Tetris isn’t hard to learn, and you can find it on many different devices – there are no time demands, you can play for short bursts and put it away. 


Is there anything as significant as a good crossword? Not much. Crosswords come in a range of levels, from the very easy, which is great for beginners, to the incredibly difficult. You can usually find a crossword somewhere in a newspaper, buy a book dedicated to it, or play it online. Crosswords force the player to think in short bursts, and while not getting one word can be infuriating, overall, crosswords are fun and relaxing. 

Assemble With Care

Assemble With Care is a quirky game that is, at the heart, puzzle-based. It has a great story running through it, and as Maria, you will carefully restore items that people bring to you. The graphics aren’t harsh on the eye, and the focus is mostly on the story – a very relaxing game. 


Chess can get tense, and there was a huge uptick in the amount of people who started playing after the release of Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. Chess has always been a popular game to play, and unless you are playing competitively, a chess game can be a nice slow-paced game that lets you think before moving. 

Chess does have some rules that you’ll need to take a look at, and to improve your game, reading up on the strategy is a good idea, too. If you don’t have anyone who wants to play with a physical board, you can play online! 


Koral is a stunning game that isn’t long in length, either. As you float around, you’ll explore 15 areas, collect 32 items, and solve 65 puzzles. The melodic and relaxing soundtrack really adds to the calmness of the game, and to be honest, listening through headphones gives you the best experience. 

You don’t need to love the ocean to enjoy this game; all you need is 3 hours and a blanket to be snuggled under while you play. 

If you are looking for more than just some relaxing gaming, here are some other things you can try to get a little bit of peace and relaxation: When The World Is A Lot, And You Need A Break, Try These Helpful Activities | Gaming on PC

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