Top Features of a Smart Apartment

Advances in technology are often met with apprehension and excitement. As technology evolves and changes, then the focus on sustainability improves and increases and we are doing more to lean into the digital era and use reusable fuels and recycle more than ever before. The reliance on coal is no longer going to be such an issue while we rely on solar power and electricity as well as wind power. But we do need to think about how our actions can ensure that we are living in a way that is smarter and better.

The introduction of a smart home is not new. For the past decade, we’ve been making improvements to our homes and the way that we live so that we feel like we are getting the most from our properties. A smart apartment building is an entirely different game. Upgrading your apartment to a smart home is easy enough, but if you are running an apartment building, you need to think about so much more, such as smart parking and intelligent locking systems. You can still upgrade your apartment and see the difference that you are making to the world, so let’s take a look at how you can make your apartment a smarter home.

  • A smart building platform. If you are running a multifamily home such as an apartment building, then you need a way to control all of the building’s devices for the Internet of Things into one single software. Not only will your staff be able to operate more efficiently without using a range of tools for various tasks. But technicians that come to your building will be able to use that software to ensure that preventive maintenance is in place. Smart building platforms will control the apartment building smart devices while keeping everybody safe and away from harm.
  • Multifunctional furniture is the go to. A smart way to improve your apartment and the building itself is to maximize the space with multifunctional furniture. If you only have a small reception area of the building, then multifunctional furniture such as tables that turn into chairs and vice versa can be helpful. Inside the apartment, you can use things like storage drawers under the bed, or a loft bed with storage and a desk underneath. You can use coffee tables that expand into a dining table with A twist, and you can even ensure that you have bookcases that turn into fold down desks. There are plenty of ways that you can maximize the space in your apartment, and you just have to be very smart about how smart you are.
  • Think about access control. When you are thinking about the safety and security of your home, what comes to mind? Is it ring cameras and is it thumbprint access or are you thinking about effective access control systems for everybody? Mobile access control systems in an apartment block is the best idea. You could use a mobile phone or a smart watch as a credential rather than a key, so that if somebody has left their keys at home, they can still access their building with their phone. As long as there is a passcode set or a specific QR code used, you’ll be able to find that people will still be able to access their homes in your smart building.
  • Install SMART outlets. Of course, not all devices that people move into an apartment are going to be smart enabled. Refrigerators and washing machines, for example, still require outlets to be functional and to work. You can still install smart outlets or plugs, however, and these connect to the Wi-Fi and are controlled via a mobile app. You can control the flow of electricity to the device that’s plugged in too, so if there is a short, you can disconnect all of the devices attached to the smart system.
  • Monitor your utilities. If you want to ensure that your smart apartment building is operational, then monitoring your utilities will help people encourage fewer costs. You’ll save money on repairs and really reduce the downtime that happens for certain systems, which keeps the apartment building running functionally. You don’t want to end up locked out of systems that could see people safely in and out of the building, in a fire or in an issue.

A smart apartment is going to make life easier and better to handle. Not only are you gonna find it much easier to manage your day-to-day jobs. But if the building is secure and safe, you feel better about it too.

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