Epic Store Boss Calls Paradox “Greedy” After Publisher Removes Bloodlines 2 from EGS Sale

The Epic Games Store has been making waves with exclusivity deals and other niceties (such as snooping Steam data without the user’s express permission), but today we have a different story to report on.

A big sale event is ongoing, which Epic terms the “Epic Mega Sale” (a riff on their old name). Customers will get US$10 off any game that’s currently priced at US$14.99 or more, a deal that will be honored even for preorders. Epic Games is absorbing that US$10 charge, which is a very nice move on their part, but publisher Paradox was seemingly unamused when they discovered that in certain poorer regions of the world, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 would get a 70% off price reduction thanks to this deal. Considering that the game is still far away (it has a March 2020 release window), the publisher has a point, as for some regions the game is being sold at the kind of discount that we’d see a year or so after release. Consequently, Paradox requested that Bloodlines 2 be removed from the “Epic Mega Sale” (and seemingly from the store as well), which prompted a somewhat strange reaction from Epic Store boss Sergey Galyonkin, who called the publisher “greedy” on the comments section of a DTF.ru article.

According to the same article, the game will return to the Epic Games Store once this sale event is over. Interestingly, even though Mr. Galyonkin is now touting the benefits of having deep preorder sales, that wasn’t exactly his idea two years ago, when he said that developers should try to offer more value for customers who preorder, instead of just discounting their titles. Of course, this isn’t the first time that the people working at Epic have backtracked on a previous statement.

14 thoughts on “Epic Store Boss Calls Paradox “Greedy” After Publisher Removes Bloodlines 2 from EGS Sale

    • Can you even read???
      Even in translation you see that it was not epic but the user Dkoof who said this…..

      • “If the company is greedy, then this is the perfect solution.”

        He didn’t use the word first, but did accept the possibility that the company is greedy.
        That counts as calling them greedy.

        • How do you even interpret this as agreeing.
          He said “IF THE COMPANY IS GREEDY”
          as in
          If we for a moment say that they are greedy, their decision is still not understandable since it works in their favor.

          Its called “humoring Dkoof for a moment”

      • Both Dkoof AND Galyonkin used the word “greedy” in similar context. I checked with a Russian speaker to confirm that it wasn’t just Google Translate messing things up. If Galyonkin didn’t agree with Dkoof’s assesment, then he should have worded his thoughts in a different manner.

        • “…he should have worded his thoughts in a different manner.” – still not a reason to put words in his mouth.

        • Google translate did not mess that part up ( although some of the translation does sound weird )

          I don’t know about your “Russian speaker” friend.
          I’m a Russian speaker, and he did not agree with him.

          He for the sake of the argument said, IF ( Do you people know the meaning of “if”? )
          If the dev is greedy, than this situation is ideal for them since EPIC pays them the full price out of their pocket anyway, hence why this argument does not stand.

  1. OK, Sergey didn’t call Paradox “greedy” publisher, he responded to a comment in which they are called “greedy” and said that if publisher is greedy (meaning any publisher in general) then this sale is ideal for them ’cause they get inceased sales and dont lose money.

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