4 Essentials Every Gamer Needs for Their Setup

Maybe you’re hooked on this year’s Persona 5 Royal release. Or you might be a die-hard Batman: Arkham City fan. No matter what gets your thumbs twitching, nothing kills the gaming mood like an uncomfy chair or tangled headphone wires.

If you want to keep your boss-level-fighting fresh, you need the proper gaming set-up. For PC users and console aficionados alike, here are a few essentials that every gamer should have.

#1 Handy Hardware

Laptops, monitors, consoles—it can be tough to choose the display that feels right. Luckily, there is no right answer. No matter which screens you fancy, just keep a few qualities in mind:

  • For laptop users, your key focus will be power and storage. The average Age of Empires devotee won’t need a huge amount of either, but for those playing multiple games, you should consider a heavy-duty processor. 
  • For desktop PC users, keep color quality, positioning, and response rate in mind. Some less expensive monitor options actually have lower response rates, meaning you can react faster. Also, look out for anti-glare technology that will counteract the effects of high screen usage.

#2 A Throne to Rule On

This is about more than just gaming. Any seated activity gets significantly harder when your chair is uncomfortable. Keep your rankings (and posture) in good health by choosing a seat designed for gamers.

Buying your first gaming throne? Here are the main chair types to consider:

  • PC gaming – Similar to your fancy office chair, but with some key differences. PC gaming chairs usually have a bucket seat with extra cushioning, as well as extra lumbar support pads for extended gameplay.
  • Platform gaming – Remember your childhood dream den? This on-the-floor recliner chair would fit right in. Perfect for relaxed gaming sessions with console games.
  • Hybrid – A blend of the two above, hybrid chairs look like platform models on PC chair wheels—an excellent option for a low-stakes PC game.

#3 A Gaming Zen Zone

You’ve got the essential equipment, the chair, the high-speed Internet connection… yet something still feels off. Time to reset the ambiance.

If gaming has you feeling frazzled and high-strung, counteract the on-screen war zone with a peaceful real-life retreat: 

  • Add some soft yellow lights instead of those harsh white fluorescents; your eyes will thank you later.
  • Hydration is always key, but natural supplements can also help ease jitters: CBDfx gummies are a tasty and safe way to absorb the de-stressing benefits of CBD.

#4 Pass the Mic

Now, the average solo gamer won’t need a microphone to share their moves with the world, but who says you want to be average? If you’re thinking of trying your hand as a Twitch live-streamer (or just better enjoying your team coordination in Call of Duty: Black Ops), it’s time to elevate your setup so that people outside your personal gaming corner can enjoy.

To get started, here are a few items to consider:

  • Headphones – Long gone are the days of messy wires and slippery earbuds. Instead, block out distracting outside noises and choose a pair of quality wireless headphones.
  • Microphone – Some headphones come with a built-in microphone (the JBL Quantum 100 is a great affordable option). But if you’re building a streaming empire, you’ll need a quality USB cardioid microphone.
  • Webcam – When it comes to streaming, your laptop camera won’t cut it. Look for a camera with a high picture resolution and an attachable ring-light for visibility.

Ready, Set, Game

Mega-streamers on Twitch aren’t the only gamers who deserve high-quality setups. Whether gaming is a new hobby or lifelong endeavor, treat yourself to these essentials for your next session.

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