4 Ways To Set Your Game Apart From the Rest

From new titles to remastered classics, the gaming industry is a competitive arena where everyone is battling to level up and reach 100% completion. It is tricky enough for established studios to set themselves apart, so it’s no wonder that indie developers often struggle to generate interest. Generally, indie games have something different compared to blockbuster titles, but they can still fall victim to feeling too samey, especially when there are bigger and bolder titles out there. So, how can you set your game apart? Here are four ideas to consider. 

Offer Genuine Value 

All games should contain value. Otherwise, there is no point in playing them. However, most of the time, these games only focus on in-game rewards like medals or achievements that, in the grand scheme, mean little. They are just some pixels on a screen that no one cares much about.

You can set your game apart by offering genuine value. This means giving players the chance to win real prizes. The likes of web3 gaming have a fantastic solution and blend crypto with competitive play in a play-to-earn system that rewards players for their success. 

Cross Platform Opportunities 

Although it’s generally accepted that PC is the superior platform, offering cross-platform collaboration or competition is a great way to reach more gamers and appeal to a broader audience. While not all titles are capable of cross-platform launches, it can be beneficial for some games, especially simplistic but still engaging titles, as it can reduce development time.

It is also beneficial in a world where everyone is used to being connected at the touch of a button. Players should not be punished for preferring different systems and friends can play together regardless of which platform they have at home. 

Look At Your Competitors 

Studying the competition is a useful way for you to identify common problems with your preferred genre and game style. Before you launch your game, take the time to research different games similar to yours to get an idea of what they do and what you can do better. 

This research is crucial when offering a unique gaming experience that will grab the attention of passionate gamers like nothing else. Everyone’s a critic, and that includes you, so use your criticism to your game’s advantage. 

Make It Replayable 

Too many indie games are simple one-and-done titles. Once players have completed it once, they won’t look at it again. Depending on how much you charge for the game, they might feel short-changed. Take inspiration from replayable titles instead, some are even timeless like patience or solitaire.

Ensuring replayability in your title by creating different story threads or including collectibles will kee4p players engaged even after they have gone through the game once. If they see that percentage sign, they won’t stop until they reach 100%, and that ensures they get their money’s worth. 

A World Apart 

The beauty of gaming is that you can come up with anything and make it a hit. After all, who would have thought a game about a disruptive (and perhaps sociopathic) goose would be so entertaining? This is a prime example of how you can set your game apart, so think carefully about what could separate your title from the pack. 

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