Are You Spending Too Much Money On Mobile Games?

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While many of us are guilty of spending too much time on mobile games, some of us are also guilty of overspending our money on them. It may only be a dollar here and a dollar there, but this can soon add up if you’re not careful.

From free demos to free-to-play apps, here are some of the ways in which you can spend less money.

Mobile casino games

Mobile casino games can be addictive because there’s always the chance that you could win money. However, there’s also the chance that you’ll lose it all.

Finding the right games is important. It’s worth reading reviews so that you can avoid games with bugs. Some games offer demos, which can allow you to get to grips with them before you start spending money.

Understanding how these games work and the best strategies to use can be helpful for reducing your losses. There are guides online on the likes of video poker that can explain how full pay and low pay games work. When it comes to mobile slot machine games, some players are able to take advantage of no deposit bonuses to earn money – but this requires a calculated strategy.

Giving yourself a spending budget is also important before you start regularly playing these games. It’s easy to splash out huge amounts of money on mobile casino games without realising if you’re not keeping track of how much you’re spending.

‘Pay-to-win’ games

A number of ‘free-to-play’ mobile games exist that are virtually impossible to win unless you spend some money on in-game purchases. The fact that they are free lures in players and gets them hooked, which makes these players more willing to splash out on extras in order to win.

Other free mobile games bombard players with ads, some of which cannot be skipped. There’s often an option to upgrade to an ad-free version in exchange for payment – many players can be tempted into this just to get rid of the annoying ads.

It’s worth always reading reviews of games before playing so that you’re not getting sucked into a ‘pay-to-win’ game in which you’ll feel obliged to spend money just to complete it or remove the ads. Obviously, mobile games have to make money, but they shouldn’t have to trick you into spending money just to make the same more playable.

Small in-game purchases

Many games feature small in-game purchases that may only cost a few cents. It’s easy to justify spending money on these small purchases because it hardly feels like you’re spending money – but over time these purchases may start to add up.

Some in-app purchases can enrich the game and are worth spending money on, but others offer only a small temporary convenience such as some extra Pokeballs that you could get for free just by walking up the road to the nearest Pokestop.  

Kids can particularly be at risk of running up huge phone bills from buying in-app purchases. If your kids play mobile games, it could be worth taking measures to disable in-app purchases on certain games.

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