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The world-famous game is the founder of a new genre of browser games that continues to take over the gaming world. And this phenomenon isn’t limited to the browser environment, but it has also actively spread to mobile gaming platforms like iOS and Android.

Paradoxically, these games are easy to find and at the same time easy to lose, as their wide variety of graphics and gameplay gets “balanced” by the fact that they share the same simple mechanics and multiplayer mode.

.io games may not offer a lot of depth, but they are great for developing strategic thinking skills. In addition, they are incredibly helpful whenever you need to kill a couple of minutes (or even a few hours) of free time.

We’ve compiled a list of the best .io games like this Agario private server so you too can have a great time in the .io world. There are a lot of them, so chances are we’ve missed a few, and should you wish to help, we are more than willing to add any worthy games you’ve found. Share them with us in the comments below!

  1. is where it all started. Since 2015, this game remains the most popular and the first association that arises when someone mentions .io games. This is the same gold standard in this genre.

The classic goal is to “eat” or absorb small pellets to get bigger. Compete with other players who wander around you on the playing field to take the top positions on the leaderboard.

You can customize your “game character” by changing the color, print, and setting a unique nickname.


Add some neon lights and improved mechanics – and we get Very similar to but diametrically opposite at the same time.

Your goal is the same – to defeat other players. However, you have an assistant for this – the pointed tail. Beating smaller players build up the tail and fight with stronger players. There is no time to relax – after all, others just want to take energy from you.

In this game, you can spend both a couple of minutes and hours, depending on your skills. Anyway, we are sure that you’ll keep pressing restart to prove you’re the best one here, it happens to all of us.


We change the usual playing field for a real underwater world. At your disposal are about 80 characters who have special features and skills in battle and survival. For example, playing like a clownfish, you can hide while avoiding damage. And playing as a squid, you can easily grab another player with the help of the tentacles. You can also change your playable character to further explore the mysterious depths.

Choose a character and go on an underwater adventure!

  1. Fidget

What if we combine the explosive genre of .io games and the spinners that gained immense popularity? We will get a Fidget game that will impress true fans.

As easy as shelling pears – defeat small players and build up your strength. Various missions and bonuses will help you get closer to your goal.

Feel free to be in the spotlight and stand out. Both free and paid various fidget spinners to choose from are available to you.


Fight players, skillfully using your sword for this. Three different game modes will diversify your playtime. This is a unique feature among similar .io games – you can play alone, fight as a team, and there is a capture-the-flag mode.

Progressing through the game is easy, but so is making mistakes. Surely you will come back here again and again to reach new heights!


All of the same mechanics, but distinctive gameplay. Symbolically more than ever – like a black hole in space, you absorb small players, buildings, and other objects. The more you eat, the bigger you become. But be careful, it’s easy to make a mistake and lose everything.

  1. 3D

The objective of this game is to seize territory and build up a powerful empire. Draw closed shapes and paint the playing field in your color. The rules of this game are simple – by expanding territories you will either destroy other players, or they will destroy you. Be smarter to beat tricky enemies.

The worst drawback is that you can destroy yourself if you stumble on your trail. Be careful.

  1. is a unique hybrid of the .io game and a classic snake. What else is needed for phenomenal success in the gaming industry?

Playing as a snake (or worm), you wander around, eating glowing balls. All this helps your little snake to grow in size. If another player collides with you, then he is out of the game and you have the opportunity to absorb the nutrient spheres that he left. If YOU face another player – you lose everything and the game is over for you. Do tricks and circle around enemies to win.


Like a huge snow globe, knock down other players on your way and get bigger. The play area is limited, so there is a real fierce fight. As a result, only one strongest will win this battle. Can you take this place?


This is perhaps the most detailed game in the genre so far. Play as a robot and destroy other players. The game has special bonuses that give you an advantage in the fight. Use them for attacks and defense in the middle of a fight.

Upgrades are available for your robot, as well as the ability to change the selected character. A training mode and a detailed guide will immerse you in the gameplay deeper and allow you to practice.

There are a lot of .io games, so share your impressions and your favorite ones!

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