Karaski: What Goes Up… – The human element

General game information


Game name: Karaski: What Goes Up…

Release date: 2 Mar, 2016

Price: US$ 11.99

Available on: Steam, Humble Store

Genre: First person adventure with stealth elements

Developer: Unbound Creations


Gameplay trailer:


The last few years have seen the resurgence of the adventure game genre. A breed of games once thought dead, or at least dormant got an injection of adrenaline from two sources: Double Fine (helmed by veteran adventure game designer Tim Schafer) and relatively newcomers Telltale. But giving those two fine companies ALL the credit for the resurgence of adventure games wouldn’t be fair. Others have also done an amazing job keeping people interested in the genre. People such as the fine guys over at Cardboard Computer or Unbound Creations. Today we’ll be talking about a game released by the latter (who also released the most excellent Postmortem: One must die)

Karaski: What Goes Up… is that game. The interesting thing about Unbound Creations is that their games don’t focus all that much on puzzles, QTEs or life altering decisions. They instead chose to focus on people and small, personal stories. Karaski is a game about a magnificent airship which has experienced a catastrophic accident. But that’s not really it… It’s a game about the people in that airship, their motivations, their small quirks and what they did before they got onboard.

As an agent for an unknown organization you must discover what happened to the airship and who’s the saboteur (or is it you?!) In order to accomplish your objective you can sneak, talk, intimidate or steal stuff. But there’s nobody there to tell you exactly what happened, and nothing is set in stone. Your actions will dictate the ending, and you will decide what happened by yourself, after hearing what the characters have to say, or obtaining the information by other means. It’s a game designed to be replayed, and in many ways it works similarly to a choose your own adventure book (or a Way of the Samurai game)

Will you discover what happened to the magnificent airship Karaski? Will you save the ship from certain doom? Or maybe you were the saboteur all along?

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